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Sylvie Adams

Sylvie Adams paints abstract works on canvas and wood. As a studio artist, her process is gradual and intuitive, allowing a certain amount of luck. Her visual language comes primarily from the codes of American Abstract Expressionism, Action painting and Colorfield painting. Although her references relate mainly to abstraction, her imagery refers to a relatively figurative dimensional spatial construction. We can perceive a depth of field in which to project ourselves.

The works are produced over periods of several weeks, allowing her to develop the image in a mode of action and reaction. She invests the surface by adding and removing materials, building her compositions in layers more or less transparent. Proceeding methodically by steps: she begins with planes of shades of gray, ranging from opaque black to white, and adds sometimes very bright and garish colored masses, and ends with paint projections. Several types of markings coexist on canvas, brush, cloth, fingers and spray.

Adams applies herself in transmitting by gestures moods that are rich in emotions. Resulting from those are landscapes with paradoxical forms, whose borders are both defined and denied. The interaction between forms and colors speaks of an inner life where contradictory impulses seem to cause explosions and implosions. Chromatic tones vibrate at specific frequencies, opening a world of sensibility that brings us into the image in a contemplation mode. We then sail through transition zones alternating between violence and softness.

The artist looks purposefully for this ambivalence between movement and stillness, which reflects tensions of all kinds. Our look will travel through atmospheric scenes and musical impressions, inviting us beyond the physical matter in a suspended temporality, seeking to engage our feelings more than our intellect.

– Éric Bolduc

Sylvie Adam’s Works

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